Give Yourself a 70s Hairdo with Facetune by Lightricks

 - May 13, 2013
References: & facetuneapp
Elvis sideburns or poofy beehive hairstyles are now attainable via smartphones. Get creative and give yourself a 70s hairdo with Facetune, a photo-editing app by Lightricks Ltd.

The 'Hair Treatment' feature patches up areas thin of hair by using density-filling technology. It also colors in gray hair by changing up the tone. Even bald areas can be filled using both the 'patch' and 'tones' functions that immaculately implant hair to bald spots.

You can get as imaginative as you'd like with these tools. You can create patches of hair wherever by duplicating a portion of your hair and applying the captured patch to elongate sideburns or make a poof.

Add finishing touches like vintage filters and facial reshaping to enhance your photo "to its former glory."