Eric Doeringer Has Created a Comfortable Atmosphere for 4/20 Sessions

 - Apr 24, 2013
References: ericdoeringer
Artist and designer Eric Doeringer has created an elaborate, crafty and comfortable combination for 4/20 sessions. Just in time for the widely celebrated event on April 20th, Doeringer’s incredible design is sure to spin your head in more ways than one. The system that he calls ‘Red’ is an intricate bong that facilitates up to four people. With the bong, he has included four fake fur beanbag chairs, all of which he manufactured on his own.

This system has been designed so each person has their own mouthpiece and a personal smoking unit. They are all connected to a central unit by flexible red tubing. All of the four stations are completely independent, so one person can use the unit alone, or it can be used by multiple people at the same time. The beanbag chairs will ensure maximum comfort and efficiency when enjoying the sweet sensimilla.