3x1 Denim Solution Keeps Pants Fresh and Clean

 - Jun 8, 2012
References: 3x1.us & coolhunting
There are more than a few myths about how to best care for your jeans, from not washing them at all to keeping them crisp in the freezer, but for those still willing to get their pants wet the 3x1 Denim Solution is a cost-effective way to help your dungarees stay in tip-top shape.

Developed by Scott Morrison, the owner of the 3x1 Denim store in Soho, New York, this solution is the same composition used in his stores to keep jeans clean. It helps to keep the blue dye from fading in the wash and avoids the need for dry cleaning.

An 8 oz. bottle of the formula will get you through about 15 washes, or longer if you abide by the rule to avoid sudsing up your denim.