This Chinese Villa Was Assembled Entirely from 3D-Printed Pieces

 - Jul 30, 2015
References: weburbanist
The design group 'ZhuoDa' recently unveiled a luxurious new home that was constructed entirely from 3D-printed pieces. China already contains the world's first 3D-printed apartment complex and now the country can add another impressive 3D-printed building to its portfolio.

The luxury villa is located in the city of Xi’an and took a mere three hours to construct. The structure's 3D-printed pieces were delivered to the building site and were quickly assembled in order to produce a gorgeous two-story home. The villa features a durable earthquake-proof construction and a gorgeous luxury interior. Despite its impressive design, the home was extremely inexpensive to build, due to the fact that the majority of the construction was completed off-site.

The speed of this type of construction meant minimal air and noise pollution for neighbors in the area. In a country that is experiencing an influx of urban construction, 3D-printed manufacturing may be ideal for future buildings.