3D Body Architecture by Ana D'Apuzzo is Stunning

 - Oct 30, 2011
References: anadapuzzo
The exhibition 3D Body Architecture by Ana D'Apuzzo presents research on the relationship of circuit architecture, high technology and art.

D'Apuzzo connected a 3D body scanning system with a software for the creation of the architectural space. The result is 15 peaces of art measuring 100 x 70cm and a 3D video art installation. Two dimensional works are made on an aluminum background by combining a printing and acrylic technique.

3D Body Architecture presents a fusion of high technology and manufacturing, classical art and the culture of design. The exhibition is placed in the 'Studio d'arte e archittetura Ana D'Apuzzo,' in Passagio San Pietro, Ascona, Switzerland, until the end of November.

If you are looking for a fusion of technology and artwork, these designs by D'Apuzzo are sure to amuse.