Use Crowdsourced Research to Innovate Product Development

 - Oct 22, 2012
References: trendhunter
Our 2013 Trend Report Combo Deal leverages the billion views of data on Trend Hunter, along with over 160,000 ideas. After curating this content, Trend Hunter offers companies a comprehensive overview of what will be popular in 2013.

By examining these ideas, businesses have the chance to innovate based on consumer-tested research, instead of relying on one or two gurus to predict what will become the next big thing. This gives companies unprecedented power for brainstorming products and campaigns relevant to their goals. Instead of playing a guessing game for what consumers will like, our 2013 Trend Report Combo Deal examines ideas already beginning to gain momentum.

By using our information, businesses have the chance to find out what's popular before it's cool.