The 2012 Olymp ic Kodak Brownie is a Snapshot From the Swingin' 60s

 - Apr 12, 2010
References: yankodesign
If you're one of the lucky people heading across the pond for the next summer games, you want to make sure you have not only a camera, but one that can survive massive crowds. Though the 2012 Olympic Kodak Brownie may not be the most compact device that has ever existed, it sure will hold up a drop or two.

Designed after the original Kodak Brownie from 1962, the 2012 Olympic Kodak Brownie has almost all of the same features as its predecessor including a monstrous flash and two seperate viewfinder apertures. They even come in assorted colors so you won't have to fight that spectator next to you over who's is who's.