2010 Vancouver Olympics Tickets Sales May Hurt

 - Oct 6, 2008
References: vancouver2010 & canadianpress.google
The 2010 Vancouver Olympics tickets won’t sell near as much as those for the Beijing games this summer much due to the panic surrounding the credit crunch.

The financial crisis ravaged Canadian tourism this year, and that include British Columbia, the host province of the winter Olympics.

"What has become common is to generate some economic leveraging around the Games," Ed Mansfield of PricewaterhouseCoopers said. "If the world’s economy is turbulent, there will be far less of those individuals that will be coming.

2010 Vancouver Olympics Tickets went on sale on Friday and were planned to be on sale for the next five weeks. With all the economic hesitation, however, perhaps they’ll have to open that window for longer.

2010 Vancouver Olympics Tickets will be priced between $25 to $1,100. Vancouver hopes to sell 70%, or 1.6 million, of the tickets to the public.