Samsung S2 Pebble

 - Apr 26, 2008
References: asia.cnet
Samsung is coming out with a tiny MP3 model it has dubbed the S2 Pebble. The simple little gadget is only about 2 inches long and has no display interface.

The S2 Pebble relies on an LED embedded underneath to provide navigation in the form of flashes. It glows various colors that identify the current EQ settings and playback mode. It comes in high gloss colours including black, white, red, green and purple, resembling more of a gem stone than a pebble.

"MP3, WMA and OGG file formats are supported, as well as shuffle and repeat playback modes and DNSe 2.0 audio enhancements," says. "A five-way tactile control pad on the back face of the device handles all navigation."

At $39, the 1GB player is relatively cheap.