The '1/2 Smart Storage System' Guarantees an Airtight Fit

 - Feb 22, 2018
References: kickstarter & core77
Keeping leftovers and dried food fresh often means piling one's fridge and pantry full of oddly sized containers, but with the 1/2 Smart Storage System, it's easier to keep food fresh without having to sacrifice much needed kitchen space. The clever container has a unique, telescoping design that allows it to size perfectly for every food item while also pushing out excess air.

The 1/2 Smart Storage System has an elegant combination of mechanical parts that make it work. The container consists of two interlocking plastic portions that can slide into and apart from one another smoothly thanks to a silicon seal. As the containers are pressed into one another, the extra air is forced out through a one-way valve in the lid. This creates a near-vacuum seal, helping to prevent staleness.