'10 Types of Facebook Friends From Highschool' is a Hilarious Parody

 - Mar 29, 2011
References: classfinders & mediadump
Before the age of social media, graduating from high school came with the understanding that there were many people who you would never have to see or hear about ever again; unfortunately, however, '10 Types of Facebook Friends From Highschool' by Class Finders humorously shows that this is no longer always the case.

As a fun and creative way to market their service to viewers while also entertaining them, '10 Types of Facebook Friends From Highschool' features archetypes that pretty much anyone who uses Facebook will recognize. From the activist on your friend's list who constantly bombards you with the latest cause or protest to that annoying person who uses Facebook status updates to share every excruciating piece of information about their day, you’re bound to recognize at least one of the iconic characters in this hilarious infographic collection.

Well played Class Finders, well played.