The One TeraByte Optical Disc

 - Mar 27, 2007
References: news.digitaltrends & mempile
Just when you thought the format wars between HD-DVD and Blue Ray were about to take full shape, here comes one format that might end the whole battle. Mempile Inc released information today (March 27, 2007), that "it has proven its TeraDisc technology" will be "capable of storing up to one TeraByte (TB) of data" or the equivalent of "250 hours of HD programming on a single, cost-effective DVD-size Optical Disc.

The demonstration that took place amazed attendees by Mempile's breakthrough “capability of recording at least 500GB of data on what appears to be a simple plastic transparent disc." No word yet on when this product is expected to be released, however, it was announced that Mempile has road mapped to "compete with blue-laser technology in the year 2010."