From Foldable Instruments to Chunky Wooden Toy Cars

 - Jul 25, 2010   Updated: Mar 23 2011
The influx of wooden toys these days calls on a search for a traditional, simple kind of living. Reacting against days filled with information overload, it's part of a worldwide nostalgia that thrives on simple pleasures like cookies and milk.

This cluster of wooden toys will have you playin' like it's 1901.

Implications - It's good to see the idea of minimalism coming back in such a fast-paced society. Sure, transforming toys and flashing light sabers are fun, but sometimes less is more. Even though a wooden car may not seem as exciting as a set of hot wheels, one can always appreciate the amount of craftsmanship and work that's put into a handmade product. With so much information traveling from consumer to consumer as a result of the digital world, minimalist products help people relax and reminisce about a much simpler time.