Fashionable Hands, Hearts and Bones Give Extra Oomph to Outfits

 - Oct 28, 2009   Updated: Jun 7 2011
Wearable body parts offer a chic and fun way to affix extra appendages and organs to your person. These wearable body parts encompass playful items of clothing and jewelry that are either recreated to resemble anatomically correct body parts, printed with images of internal organs, or are detailed skeletal diagrams. Ranging from cute to macabre, these pieces will make perfect additions to any Halloween outfit.

Implications - With consumers constantly seeking ways to express themselves in society, unique or personified products that will set them apart form the crowd are desired. Personified products add humor and kitsch to ensembles, and communicate the wearer's values to onlookers. Companies can help consumers wear their individuality by manufacturing personified products.