From Rain-Resistant Suits to Liquid-Loving LCDs

 - Jul 15, 2009   Updated: Jun 14 2011
While singing in the rain can be fun, it's no fun when the puddle patrol gets ahold of your expensive electronics or makes your night uncomfortably damp. This cluster is meant to ensure that water will never rain on your parade ever again.

Check out the gallery for everything from underwater music to floating televisions and even have a look at ways to waterproof your iPod.

Implications - Waterproofing products is one example of how companies are offering more convenience to better the customer experience. By making electronics and other goods resistant to liquids, corporations prolong the lifespan of items and thus consumers won't have to spend additional disposable income on replacing goods. Companies looking for a new product line can consider offering peripheral items that serve to protect existing goods from damage.