From Touchscreen Walkmans to the Women's Walkman

 - Oct 18, 2009   Updated: Jun 14 2011
Way back in my day, I was excited just to have the anti-skip technology on my Walkman CD player. The Walkman has advanced since those simple days. Since the advent of the iPod, the Walkman has become unrecognizable when you compare it to the original cassette player. From touchscreen Walkmans to the women's Walkman, check out 10 ways this classic Sony device has gone new-school.

Implications - While many products have been swept off of the market by new innovative items, many consumers continue to harbor sentiment towards their old favorites. Companies and businesses will gain recognition amongst those consumers who previously invested their time and money into such products. While many products can replace older ones, it is imperative that businesses take lessons from the products as opposed to simply disregarding them.