From Medicating Models to Hallucinogenic Wardrobes

 - Aug 26, 2010   Updated: Mar 23 2011
Vice magazine produces some of the most outlandish, quirky and creative fashion editorials in the industry. Often, fashion photoshoots walk the line between boring and boringer, using the same models, photographers and stylists as every other publication.

From medicating models to hallucinogenic wardrobes, these Vice Style spreads are anything but ordinary -- and that's just how people like it.

Implications - The general public has seen thousands of photoshoots before, and each week hundreds more are released in countless magazines. What sets Vice magazine apart, however, is that their work shows a willingness to explore the unexplored and to reinvent the expected. By cultivating interest with their endlessly inventive ideas, they show their readers that they have something to offer beyond the status quo.