From Puzzling Keyboard Games to Tangible Typist Shortcuts

 - Dec 6, 2012
The best way to reduce your e-waste is to check out all of these upcycled keyboard creations. The products and art pieces featured here all incorporate keys from outdated keyboards that had a date with the landfill. You don't need to be a brilliant scientist to know that a keyboard won't exactly biodegrade while sitting in a pile of trash.

Instead of chucking your keyboard in the trash, why not build a sculpture of a horse using the keys? If that's too much to handle, you could always create a Rubix Cube or a coaster using your outdated keyboard.

Electronic recycling is still in its infancy and isn't as foolproof as people would like to think. The best way to reduce your e-waste footprint is to find a new use for your outdated electronics and peripherals. Use these upcycled keyboard creations as your guide. Imagine how awesome a full-size mouse sculpture made using nothing but old mice would be.