From Retro Record Player Watches to DJ Equipment Swimsuits

 - Jul 7, 2012
These turntable spin-offs may not be the traditional decks spun by musical masterminds, but they are certainly eye-catching to say the least. While vinyl has become replaced by mainstream digital music, the retro novelty still has its charm.

Whether you want to serve a meal on vinyl platters or make a musically inclined statement on the beach, these turntable spin-offs are sure to have peoples’ heads spinning in curiosity. Disc jockeys have been closely tied to the underground street culture, offering inspiration for artists and marketers the way street artists have. DJs have also gained a tremendous amount of popularity and exposure over the last few years with the rise of electronic music.

The characteristic black record, scratching needle and slick decks are the inspiration behind these turntable spin-offs.