From Off-Runway Photoblogs to Dynamic Rap Duo Depictions

 - Aug 19, 2012
From burgeoning photblogger to full fledged fashion world lens star, the trajectory of this Canadian talent is depicted through these Tommy Ton captures.

Famed for his ‘Jak & Jil’ blog and now commissioned for high profile couture projects, Tommy Ton is making waves in the fashion world. He is credited with single-handedly revolutionizing the way that fashion week is captured with his brand of street style captures. Tommy Ton displays a talent projecting the intricate attire of fashion professionals with focus on genuine detail. His work often focuses on specific features of the subject’s outfit to highlight the special singularities of their style.

From ‘Streetcred Couple Captures’ to ‘Off-Runway Photoblogs,’ Tommy Ton’s dedication to detail continues to earn him praise from spectators and fashionistas alike.