From Couture Disney Characters to Revamped Iconic Cartoons

 - Dec 17, 2011
Ariel, the fiery-haired Disney princess of the sea, may have been willing to give up her voice for legs, but in recent Little Mermaid modifications she seems willing to give up a bit of dignity too.

When Walt Disney portrayed King Triton’s dutiful daughter, it was as an effortlessly innocent songstress with infallible good morals and voluminous locks impervious to salt-water tangles. The modern day version of Ariel depicted through different artistic mediums though, has been a bodacious beauty making that sea-shell bra look down right scandalous, or a classy couture-wearing cover model conveniently missing her crazy crustacean sidekick.

Well Ursala be damned, these Little Mermaid modifications have not only made her a biped, but a buxom and eerily humanized one at that!