Ink Designs Sure to Whet Your Appetite, from Sushi Tattoos to Bacon Tattoos

 - Dec 24, 2009   Updated: Mar 23 2011
I love food in nearly every way imaginable, but these tattoos for foodies have me dumbfounded. From sushi tattoos to bacon tattoos, these epicurean inkspirations are sure to be noticed.

My favorite design out of these tattoos for foodies is the series of octopus and squid tattoos. What a clever way to give calamari and tako a (permanent) facelift!

Implications - When it comes to long lasting appreciation, tattoos are the way to go. To show exactly how much you love something, getting it permanently etched in your skin may be the only way to properly express just how much it truly means to you. For brands, having someone ink your logo, product or service on them forever is a true indication of brand loyalty.