From Dark Knight High-Tops to Superhero Simulation Sweatshirts

 - Oct 19, 2011
You may not be able to have Iron Man's high-tech armored suit or Spiderman's flexible onesie, but these stylish superhero fashions will at least let you represent your favorite comic book character.

While dressing in full Superman attire isn't exactly normal unless you're headed to a convention, that doesn't mean people can't enjoy superhero attire. The idea that nerdy is cool and the rise of comic book movies has certainly convinced the likes of Stussy and Vans to produce outfits inspired by superheros. Even though a company like Adidas can't provide a proper crime-fighting suit, it can apply the aesthetics of comic costumes to stylish outfits that serve as great alternatives. Whether it's the Green Lantern or Captain America, urban brands continue to embrace the heroics of comic book characters with a variety of collections for those who want to dress for justice.