From Studded Slip-Ons to Mosh Pit Kicks

 - Mar 22, 2011
If you want to find out how you can look like the biggest stud on the street, then you need to start checking out all of these studly studded sneakers. Trend Hunter is known to spotlight innovative fashions, and currently that spotlight is shining brightest on studly studded sneakers.

Studs used to be off limits for anyone other than bikers, punk rockers, or "Mad Max" extras. Slowly but surely, studs entered into mainstream fashion, starting from the top and working their way down to the bottom. Thankfully, shoe designers got with the times to provide a wide selection of studly studded sneakers.

Nearly all of the top sneaker brands can be found here, including, but not limited to: Nike, Adidas, Converse, BAPE, Givenchy, etc... If that laundry list of designers doesn't sound studly then I don't know what does.