- Aug 24, 2011
How can someone not know the phrase "Live long and prosper" when there are so many Spock sightings abound in everyday media? From intergalactic cookie jars to Vulcan salute USB keys, it seems people everywhere can't get enough of the pointy-eyed science fiction character who aids Captain Kirk on interstellar journeys.

My favorite of these Spock sightings is the Tumblr blog called 'Spock is not Impressed,' which features the Vulcan Photoshopped into various iconic images with an apathetic disposition. The juxtaposition of historical moments offset by Leonard Nimoy's disinterest makes for some epically hilarious times.

Implications - Consumers gravitate towards media with pop culture icons because of their familiarity as well as for the pathos they invoke. Corporations may consider promoting their corporate figureheads as media figures in order for consumers to similarly have a person they can readily empathize with.

From Antique Porcelain Plates to Hilarious Tumblr Blogs: