From Skeletal Football Booties to Sharp Skeletal Stilettos

 - Jun 7, 2013
When it comes to making a bold fashion statement, the types of shoes you wear can make a big impression on others, and these spooky skeletal shoe designs will definitely have you showing off your morbid taste to others.

People are somehow strangely fascinated with the structure of the human body, and the skeletal framework in particular has garnered a lot of popularity, prompting retailers to utilize that theme in their products. These unique shoe designs not only feature images of skulls or skeletons, but some of them have even gone to the lengths to incorporate a skeletal framework into the actual shoe structure itself, making them look as if it were an actual living being.

From spinal stilettos to luxurious skeletal kicks, these eerie shoe designs will certainly attract anyone with a fascination for morbid references.