From Finger-Fitted Skeletal Bracelets to Spinal Cord Jewelry

 - Jun 14, 2013
These eerie skeletal jewelry pieces are perfectly suited for any fashionista looking to incorporate some edgy and macabre references into their wardrobe.

While some people choose certain accessory pieces to add more of a feminine and flirty touch to their outfits, these spooky skeletal designs are more so targeted towards those who are fascinated with the anatomy of the human body. Why not stand out from the crowd and wear pieces of jewelry that showcase skeletal frameworks and skull-shaped designs? From luxuriously designed skull rings to skeletal rock jewelry, these macabre creations will surely add a bizarre and unique touch to any outfit.

Perfect for those looking to be a bit more eccentric with their accessories, these skeletal jewelry pieces will definitely make a bold statement wherever you go.