From Glitterized Shoulder Pads to Shoulder Puff Blouses

 - Oct 29, 2010   Updated: Jun 13 2011
Wearing anything adorned with a sizable set of shoulder pads is a instantaneous way to look like you're on trend nowadays. Runways and top designers all agree that this portion of the 80s isn't destined to be long forgotten.

From football editorials to razor-sharp shoulders, these intense shoulder pad looks will have you digging through your mother's closet and vintage stores to recreate this outlandish look.

Implications - In today's society, consumers are witnessing the resurgence of a variety of products, items and styles. If a company or business is hoping to enforce a comeback, it is imperative that they depict their product or concept as being applicable to a wide variety of groups of consumers. Companies and businesses will succeed in generating support for their recreated products if they are showcased as fitting for a wide range of individuals.