- May 19, 2011
Putting soap in your child's mouth as punishment would probably be highly ineffective if you were using a bar of soap from one of these scrumptious soap sets. Custom-made soap is all the rage nowadays, as crafters are making soap in the shape of everything from video game controllers to baby heads. Seeing as how I am perpetually hungry, my favorite types of custom-made soaps are the ones that look literally good enough to eat.

Soap shaped like food is perhaps the biggest tease of all time. Creating soap in the shape of bacon or an Oreo cookie makes taking a shower or washing your hands a torturous experience as your soap looks delicious but tastes disgusting when eaten. If eating in the shower is frowned upon in your house too, then you are definitely going to want to check out all of these scrumptious soap sets.

From Sweet Treat Soap to Bacon Soap: