Extreme Emotions Expressed in Celebrity Tributes to Rage Photography

 - Sep 21, 2009   Updated: Jun 9 2011
Screaming is one of the most intense displays of emotion that any person can express. These scary screamovations take that emotion and put it to use with items that delve into fashion, photography, technology and music.

So whether it's a tribute to a lost loved one, a loud phone or some angry gorilla t-shirt, these scary screamovations sure know how to express that extreme emotion!

Implications - Consumers today are not only seeking out products that are functional, but that also enable them to express their individuality. Companies and businesses will benefit by providing consumers with a plethora of products, items or services that express feelings or emotions, regardless of how outlandish they may be. Companies will find that individuals relish in having access to different ways of conveying their passions to others.