From Creepy Baby Captures to Badass Baby Photography

 - Dec 29, 2011
Interesting and shocking are adjectives to describe the polemic Ruadh Delone series. The Netherlands-based photographer uses shock value to shake viewers' perceptions of the world and reality. His photographs are carefully manipulated to explore unconventional themes and ideas.

Delon has the tendency to use babies and kids to disrupt society's moral codes. For instance, he digitally alters his images so that children become scary elders, smoking badasses and macabre demons. He also mixes up diverse subjects to create unexpected and uncanny connections. Some of Delon's portraits consist of wounded patients with their limbs chop off and then misplaced in other parts of their bodies; he also puts elements like clothes pegs on the scarred face of a man.

Check out the polemic Ruadh Delone series to explore the work of a photographer who has no fear when it comes to creating unbelievable instances of shock value.