From Wealth Mocking Blogs to Luxury Baby Toys

 - Aug 17, 2012
These rich kid creations are an almost comical round-up of some of the most unnecessary products intended for teens and children.

The super rich kid fascination was popularized by blogs like Rich Kids of Instagram, reality TV and other pop culture tributes to the exuberantly wealthy. Though many of the content created around this class is highly sarcastic, some of the products intended for the demographic are dead serious. Swarovski high chairs and embellished pacifiers are both sold in stores, proving that there is an audience for this degree of conspicuous consumption.

Because of the popularity of social media, class has never been more visible or easy to show off. Luckily, a satirical approach to this phenomenon has taken off in a big way, and creates humor out of what would otherwise be a tasteless showcase of wealth.