- Sep 28, 2008
Rachel McAdams has snagged a lead role in a Sherlock Holmes movie, and to get you as excited as us, we’ve compiled a list of the best gadgets for detectives!

Rachel McAdams will play Irene Adler, a character based on Sherlock Holmes’ love interest in the 1891 story, "A Scandal in Bohemia."

Rachel McAdams is best known for her leading role in The Notebook, but her big break was Mean Girls. Stepping up a notch, Rachel McAdams will now act alongside Robert Downey Jr. (Holmes), Jude Law (Watson) and Mark Strong (Blackwood, the bad guy).

Now, to get pumped for the movie, check out these awesome detective gadgets! These gizmos are much more high tech than those used in the original books, and if a starlet like Rachel McAdams used them, you could even call them sexy. 

Rachel McAdams Could Use These in 'Sherlock Holmes':