From Privately Public Pod Seats to Sandbox Offices

 - Mar 7, 2013
When it comes to working at home, decking out your interior space with efficient pieces of furniture and decor is essential, and these quirky home offices are great examples of how you can combine function and eclectic style into one convenient work space.

Those who have the opportunity to work from home have the ability to create and mold their workspaces to their personal taste, and these unusually designed home offices are definitely not your average designs. While ordinary home offices consist of individuals taking their computers to a designated room to work, these quirky office designs are rather specifically made with the idea of efficiency and eclectic design in mind.

From home offices that are pod-shaped to create a sense of privacy, to those that are multi-functional in order to optimize space, these quirky and off-beat designs are both visually eye-catching and a practical way to work from home.