From Alcoholic Push Pops to Popsicle-Legged Chairs

 - Aug 18, 2010   Updated: Jun 14 2011
If there was such thing as a summer anthem, popsicles would surely be part of the lyrics. These popsicle-inspired innovations will having you slurping on a icy before you can say, " brain freeze."

From alcoholic push pops to popsicle-legged chairs, these popsicle-inspired innovations show that popsicles aren't only for beating the heat -- they also inspire design, marketing, food and fashion trends.

Implications - Objects that are frequently favoured within pop culture -- such as popsicles -- often find their way into marketing campaigns and product designs. By essentially imitating objects that are already beloved by consumers, companies can better ensure their products are greeted with open arms from the consumer world.