Toys for Grown Up's

 - Apr 27, 2007
References: release-the-freaks
I adore this amazing web site and it's truly brilliant range of toys and amusing descriptions. My must have freaks to release include;

Mr Toasty; living in The Imaginary World created by Dan Goodsell he is perfect for all you toast fiends. "Never again must you leave home without your favourite piece of toast. Make Mr Toast your trusted companion and he will be with you always." Yes please!

The utterly terrifying Evil Ice Cream by LazyMarsh is also worth a mention and the site do it so perfectly I cant possibly change their words;

"Suck it, bite it, lick it, hug it, or run screaming to a safe place, because Evil Ice cream is now leaving the freezer. Be afraid! This orange plush on a stick creation is melting, and that makes him mad. Beware! His dastardly popsicle friends may be hiding nearby so approach with caution. If you can grab his stick while avoiding his razor-sharp jaws, control of both evil and ice cream will be yours. But be careful! Even the designer was never able to restrain the depravity of Evil Ice Cream.