These Popsicle Creations are a Twist on the Classic Summer Snack

 - Jul 28, 2011
From alcohol-infused pops that are perfect for a backyard BBQ to odd, questionably flavored treats, these popsicle creations are certainly not your typical selections of the ice-cold snack. More refreshing than ice cream but just as sweet, popsicles are perhaps the ultimate summer treat and the best way to beat the heat.

Whether or not pickle juice pops or popsicles shaped like Baywatch star David Hasselhoff are your cup of tea, it is definitely hard to deny that these popsicle creations are anything but average. Forget cherry-flavored pops, this summer, try a Grey Goose-infused popsicle for a yummy variation of your regular hot-weather go-to daiquiris or margaritas.

Quench your thirst while embracing your inner child with these delicious and adorable popsicle creations that will surely have all your friends jealous of your summer treats.