From Pocket Monster Beauty Enhancements to Fiery Feathered Brows

 - May 26, 2012
YouTube is a goldmine for makeup tutorials, and it is customary for some makeup artists to recreate their favourite movie or book characters with pop culture eye looks.

Eye makeup is getting wilder and more dramatic as of late, partially because the actual advancement of makeup has made it so easy to paint on show and performance-quality looks. Gurus on YouTube have also made tutorial videos so detailed and accessible that such a past-time is especially rewarding. These looks are always so fascinating to try on, either for fun or for a potential halloween costume.

You are unlikely to see any of these looks sported on the average woman, on an average day, but who knows what the look of the future will behold—though directors of movie ‘The Hunger Games’ evidently think that makeup-wear is headed in a more animated direction.