From Haunting Bride Photography to Exhibitionist Lingerie Shoots

 - Jun 8, 2012
Known for embracing a woman's sexuality, these Peter Coulson photoshoots show off his signature style while also depicting his versatility behind the camera. Clearly, this Australian photographer knows that sex sells, but instead of focusing on blatant nudity, he creates his own artform using the bodies of his model muses. He accentuates their femininity and sensuality through different contexts, although always in a glamorous and dominating way.

From brides to professionals, the Peter Coulson photoshoots center around powerful female identities. Sometimes Coulson strips them of their clothes, but they are not made vulnerable for it. Instead, he captures them in such a way that they always rise to the top. In lieu of all of the sexualized photoshoot out there, Coulson executes them tastefully.