From Robert Pattison Pillows to Chambermaid Cushions

 - Jul 9, 2010   Updated: Aug 11 2011
Nothing is more comforting than a nice, worked-in pillow, especially if you are in bed alone and need company. These personified pillows will make your worked-in pillow even more comforting.

Above, you'll see a wide variety of pillows and cushions with famous faces on them, but the most creative and funnest personified pillows are the ones that feature body parts. From Robert Pattison pillows to chambermaid cushions, check out these personified pillows.

Implications - Customization is an idea which should never be underestimated, whatever industry it's applied to. For the most part, a world-wide aesthetic shift has pushed consumer taste away from mass-produced items and toward personalized goods that reflect them, their interests and their way of life. Although the cost associated with providing each patron with a customized experience is daunting, the companies that brave the investment will be well rewarded.