From Polychromatic Painted Kicks to Funky Fast-Food Footwear

 - Aug 25, 2012
For those that love eclectic and quirky patterns of all sorts, this collection of peculiarly patterned Vans will surely catch your attention -- and quite possibly your cash. Vans, which are probably most recognized as skater shoes, offer the perfect balance of style and comfort.

Oftentimes, Vans' shoes are the go-to canvas for DIY painted, patterned or printed shoes of all sorts. Many Etsy shop owners use these cozy shoes as customizable canvases, which they later sell.

Slip your feet into a pair of patterned Vans and you will never want to wear another kind of shoe ever again. Showcase your unashamed affection for sweets, fast food, comic books or galaxy-inspired patterns in a pair of shoes that are jam-packed with personality.