Pajama Fashion, from Sleepwear Editorials to Pajama-Inspired Outfits

 - Oct 9, 2011
At some point in the past year, couture designers the world over threw up their hands and declared pajama fashion as an acceptable form of day wear -- once again. Having already briefly gone down that really, really comfortable road a couple of years ago, designers once again are deciding it's time to bring back the printed silk and roomy, shapeless looks.

After being displayed at fashion shows last year, and then snatched up as a coveted look by celebrities (many of whom may or may not have already been sporting the pajama look outdoors to begin with), the pajama fashion craze has begun its sweep into the hearts of comfort-seeking fashionistas everywhere. What's more, the recent spring 2012 fashion shows, including Paul Smith and Stella McCartney, again displayed pajama fashion. So, it looks like this sleepy style is here to stay.