- May 23, 2019
These novelty wedding innovations range from fast food nuptials to video game wedding services. While examples like Dunkin’s themed wedding events illustrate the QSR brand's vast fan base across the United States, a Final Fantasy XIV Wedding service by Deuxzero and Square Enix appeals to Millennial gamers' niche interests.

As traditional wedding ceremonies continue to evolve, consumers are prioritizing self-expression and authenticity over age-old rituals. This need for self-expression has lead many to embrace unique and unexpected wedding day offerings from big brands outside of this space.

Some notable examples include fast food chain Taco Bell's exclusive hot sauce packet garter and bowtie accessory combo and Villa Italian Kitchen's one-of-a-kind pizza bouquet and boutonniere. Other fun novelty wedding innovations include Costco's five-tier cheese wheel wedding cake and Crocs' wedding clogs which are adorned with iridescent sequins.

From Fast Food Nuptials to Video Game Wedding Services: