With the NHL Lockout Over, Try These Skates to Get Back Into Hockey

 - Jan 7, 2013
With the NHL lockout over after several months, hockey fans across North America and the world are getting back into the spirit.

With approximately 30 games cancelled already, the NHL lockout was threatening to derail the entire season until yesterday when a tentative deal was reached between the NHLPA and the league owners. Although the lockout didn't dominate news cycles in parts of the United States, Canadian hockey enthusiasts were glued to each day's breaking news on the subject.

In light of this new development, we've put together a list of 13 skate designs that will help you get back into the the rhythm of skating, regardless of the climate you live in.

They say hockey is more fitting a sport for those in colder climates, but with the array of roller blades included in this list you'll find a pair of skates for you even if you live in the sunbelt. You can find detachable skates and eco roller blades.