From Shrek Weddings to Elf-Inspired Nuptials

 - Apr 29, 2010   Updated: Jul 27 2011
Falling in love in the arcade or comic book store is the quickest way to be featured in one of these nerdy nuptials. Nerds need love, and marriage, too.

I would know. I'm a nerd who has an affinity for love, although I would never want to be a part of any of these nerdy nuptials. I'm down for some Shrek role-playing, so long as it's not in a chapel.

Implications - The current shift in gender roles has made it so that weddings are no longer a simple declaration of a couple's status as man and wife, but a chance for two people to show their friends and family who they are, and why they want to be together. Thus, themed weddings are more popular than ever, with themes that are more eccentric in order to boast individuality.