This Collection of Desserts is Far from Sweet

 - May 6, 2012
It has been well-established that people's love of candy goes well beyond childhood, and these naughty confectionaries prove that yummy, sugary food only becomes more tempting when a little bit of shock value is added. Food manufacturers know that confectionaries only get more mouth-watering when they up the ante, and have churned out quite the collection of naughty candy.

Deliciously bizarre and intentionally off-putting, these attention-grabbing desserts are shockingly sweet and alluring. Though naughty candy is certainly a far cry from the childhood sweets many grew up with, these scandalized treats manage to retain a hint of nostalgia.

From private-part cupcakes to blood-gushing chocolates, it's clear that the food industry has taken note of consumer's thirst for more edgy edibles. Love it or hate it, this collection of controversial candy is intriguing.