From See-Through Plastic Trenches to Cruella De Vil Couture

 - Jun 23, 2012
These moving Max Farago editorials showcase the breadth of productions now executed by the photographer. The Total Model member, based in both New York and Paris, has captured supermodels Lindsey Wixson, Anne de Rijk, Andreea Diaconu and Anais Pouliot, all with distinctive high fashion features.

See-through plastic trenches and Cruella De Vil couture are all a part of Farago's epic interpretation of the style world. His large-scale marketing campaigns with MaxMara, Lanvin and Cole Haan have aided in the development of the brands via his capture of cascading colors and an assortment of tailored apparel. And on the editorial side, Farago's partnerships with Oyster Magazine, Harper's Bazaar and Dazed & Confused have been masterful to say the least with his 'What's in a Mime?' and 'Bombay Dreams' spreads.