From DIY Paper Speakers to Classic iPod Docks

 - Jan 11, 2012
There has been a surge of retro nostalgia as of late in the consumer market, and this has given rise to a bevy of updated traditional products such as modernized phonographs. Craving the aesthetics of generations past with the technologically-advanced features of the present, the market is craving that their purchases are "moderntique."

Traditionally used with records, the gramophone has recently been remixed to enhance DJ sets and amplify iPod tracks. From phonotgraphs that are giantized to ones made of paper, it's evident that designers are doing just as much creative remixing as DJs.

Say goodbye to 1877 and say hello to 2012! These modernized phonographs make iPod speakers of a couple years ago look as ancient as gramophones once were.