Vintage CD Player By Yong Jieyu

 - Jun 1, 2007
References: jieyu-design & nopuedocreer
For the vintage lovers, this retro photograph CD player adds design to your music. Finally a CD player you can give to your grandma! The designer, Yong Jieyu, describes, "A CD player was disassembled and the components rearranged to suit the layout of a phonograph. The speakers are put below the trumpet loudspeaker for amplification. The wooden box is made slightly more spacious then the electrical PCB board needed to achieve bass resonance. The laser pointer is shifted to the top allowing the spin of the CD to be clearly shown. By bringing back a familiar nostalgic form of a phonograph, the design seeks transport the user back to the golden age of phonographs in early 1900s where sound broadcasting had a magical feel."