From Miley Cyrus Scandals to ‘Hannah Montana' Box Office Hits

 - Jun 5, 2009   Updated: May 2 2011
Miley Cyrus has finally signed on for another season of "Hannah Montana" and I can sleep easy again!

Since the beginning of the "Hannah Montana" phase, Miley Cyrus has been idolized for her red carpet fashions and scolded for her sexy scandals.

Check out the gallery below for all things Miley Cyrus and celebrate the return of "Hannah Montana" to Disney.

Implications - The "tween," formerly known as the preteen, has taken over pop culture thanks to Disney celebrities like Miley Cyrus. Her capers, miscues and box office successes have all been catalogued by tabloid magazines and savvy gossip reporters. Creative professionals can take advantage of this opportunity by playing on themes of teen angst and coming-of-age trials and tribulations.